Dawn whips up the most decadent, delicious desserts ever!
— Kathy
The party went well and the cake went too quickly. The cake was a huge hit! It was adorable and so yummy! At least three people said it was the best cake they had ever had! My sister in law and I are trying to figure out the next birthday so that we could order it again :) LOVE it! Best birthday cake ever!
— Amanda
You’ve outdone yourself yet again! EVERYTHING was delicious from the candy leaves to the outrageous whipped cream. The pumpkin pie and apple crostata got raves all around and the kids had to compete with the adults for the cupcakes! You’re too good. Thanks so much!
The cake was amazing and everyone loved it!!! There were many people that said “I don’t really eat cake, but this is like heaven”. Thanks again for making such a beautiful cake!
— Sarah B.
Gorgeous! Almost too lovely to eat! But, we’ll manage.
Thanks so much for such a fun and delicious cake! I love to hear new friends discover and exclaim over your cake! The frosting and proportions of everything to each other and the quality of the fruit is always mind blowing!
— Carmella
I have already had several cookies and they are delicious as usual. And thank you for the cupcakes. They have Christmas Eve breakfast written all over them. Thank you for all of your deliveries and goodies in 2017. We are looking forward to working with you more in 2018.
Dawn is amazing!!! She made all of the desserts a spread of mini cupcakes and cookies for my wedding and they were a hit. Our tasting was equally as delicious and fun. I highly recommend her for whatever your event!
— Bridget
Oh my gosh, you are incredible!!! Everything you made was so beyond perfect and delicious!!! Your sweets were such a hit today :)
Thank you for everything!!!!!!
— Michelle
Best. Carrot Cake. Ever.
— Jon
Thank you so much for everything. The bags were perfect for the teachers. And we had one extra for ourselves. Those are delicious. We all loved the cupcakes, and everyone wanted more. I should’ve went for the whole cake, but my kids were not cake/cupcake fans until now. I told my husband he has to start driving to Evanston for us more often. Thanks again!!
— Angie
The cake was delicious! Countless compliments and unfortunately very little left over to take home!
— Jorge
Another big hit! The cake was delicious and adorable! Your creativity and attention to detail are amazing!
— Nancy
I just had the opportunity to have some of your macarons today, I think I’m in love with them!
— Cat
Thank you for always being so easy to work with!
— Renee
The cupcakes were amazing! Several people asked where they were from and I described your stand at the farmer’s market and my addiction to your chocolate fleur de sels.
— Patricia
My mom LOVED the Mothers Day box you put together for her!
— Sarah
The pops were a hit and I had to hide one for myself😁.
The apricot tart was delicious and a huge hit!
— Ann
Everything was wonderful! The cookies were a huge hit, especially the chocolate fleur de set. Thanks again for the delightful baking and I’ll definitely order more Morsels for my next recital in the fall!
— Katherine
The cake was so amazing and there was not a crumb left! Thanks so much, looking forward to more treats from you!
— Annie
I’m not sure which one of your morsels I liked best! They all got rave reviews. We may have to repeat the same menu next time. And thanks so much for the lemon squares and jam. What a treat. I’m sure I’ll come up with an excuse to call you again soon!
Just wanted to thank you again for the cake. Everybody raved about it! I’m glad you don’t let greed about wedding money ruin your cakes. It was so fresh tasting.
— Christopher
The chocolate pops were a hit and I had to hide one for myself😁.
— Anika
The cake was so pretty and very moist! Thank you for delivering it. People asked who the baker was so I told them proudly it was you!
— Toni
The desserts were fantastic. As per usual, everyone raved about them. I loved the apple cake and think I ate half of it on my own!
— Ann
Your desserts were incredible and we enjoyed a glorious sugar coma for hours after the tasting!
— Valerie
It’s unreasonable how much we are looking forward to eating this cake!
— Carmella
It’s ridiculous how good this cake is!
— Sid
As usual, the cakes were absolutely delicious! The strawberry shortcake was a HUGE hit and we will definitely need to order that many times in the future!
— Andrea
My family is hooked on your baked goods!
— Toni
Everything was wonderful. My husband loved your peanut butter cookies!
— Stephanie
YOU MADE CHRISTMAS SO SPECIAL! First, your pretty-as-a-picture cookies for our family matched its looks with incredibly great tastes. There were no favorites, as each cookie was the blue ribbon winner for its class. I will always remember the buttery, melt-away shortbread and the “snap” of your toffee.
Your cookies were the highlights! You are so talented. It’s my good luck to know you and it’s my delight in having your work be part of our Christmas giving sparkles still and strongly! Thanks deeply for it all!
— Amy
Everything was wonderful - I only got to stop and try a couple things but they were amazing!
I think our guests devoured every piece :)
— Chelsea
Arnee LOVED his cake... and so did everyone else! Thanks so much!
— Nancy
The cake was SO beautiful! The flowers on top were a breathtaking surprise! So amazing! And delicious as ever. Thanks again for making a really special celebration super special! Your work is so beautiful and has given us some sweet memories!
— Mylie
OMG everything was delicious!! I ate about 8 cupcakes…..no lie…..plus the chocolate and wedding cookie. I don’t know if I can order any more from you because “I” can’t control myself!!! Everyone loved them!
— Eloise
We just love your cakes!
— Kristin
I have to say that we are so excited about the wedding cake after meeting with you and tasting your delicious cakes. We are all so excited for the big day!
— Michelle
My daughter and I are excited we ‘found’ you yesterday at the Evanston Farmer’s Market. Your toffee is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS! Thanks!
— Gina
That cake was unbelievable! Rave reviews!
— Nancy
The cupcakes were delicious!!!! Thank you again for baking those delicious cupcakes! They were a huge hit and we loved the decoration too!
— Tina
Your cupcakes were a hit at the celebration on Saturday! Thank you so very much for taking such care and making those sweet little sweets!
— Myra
The desserts were fantastic! As per usual, everyone raved about them. I especially loved the apple cake!
— Ann
Thank you for your delicious morsels. My mother loved them.. And so did we!!!
— Terry
OMG, a women after my heart! This isn’t getting shared with anyone :)
— Kristin
Thank you for the delicious bird mini-cupcakes you supplied to the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary yesterday. So delectable and visually darling. Everybody complimented these little cakes and ate with big smiles on their faces.
— Kitty
Your chocolate fleur de sel cookies are the hit of the night!
— Linda
The cake is beautiful and probably the best tasting cake we’ve ever had!
— Jennifer
My absolute FAVORITES are the triple citrus shortbread and the snickerdoodles! I just wanted to really thank you for creating such quality pastries. You put BIG smiles on many faces, including mine.
— Georgeana
Everything was perfect, thank you! We finished off the chocolate cake last night and we were very sad to get to the end. As with everything you make, it was amazing! I will definitely be in touch when I need more desserts!
— Ann
Everything was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the mini cupcakes with the raspberry buttercream frosting...yum. My daughter’s favorite—the caramels—were also a big hit with everyone. thanks again for making our holiday so sweet!
— Abbie
I would like to say that my family loved your delicious fleur de sel chocolate cookies, but they had no part in the cookies’ fast disappearance.
My trainer did, however, because they were delivered during my workout. We enjoyed cookies and milk while we talked you, your business, and your guaranteed smashing success with Morsels Patisserie. It was the most enjoyable workout ever!
— Amy
The girls’ birthday cake was truly a work of art. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was and couldn’t believe that it tasted as amazing as it looked. It was incredible! Light, fluffy, not too sweet. I think it was the best whipped cream cake that I’ve ever eaten.
— Ann
Thank you for such a special cake! It was everything—elegant, simple, not to sweet, fresh, and pretty. Even my French in-laws who are visiting from Paris, and who have never understood American birthday cakes, were all smiles. I’ll be sure to order again!
— Carmella
The cookies are so cute! You’re amazing. The detail on everything is just incredible!
— Jordan
— Nadine
You have outdone yourself! I love the Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies, but these caramels are legit! I’m about to walk into oncoming traffic because it just doesn’t get any better than this!
— Lauren
The cookies were so good! I didn’t want to share them, but I did and everyone really enjoyed them!
— Ann
Such a delicious cake and so special. Can’t thank you enough!
— Kristin
Everything was great! A big hit! Thanks for supplying these delicious “morsels.”
— Suzanne
Best. Cake. Ever.
— Justin
We couldn’t stop eating the cupcakes! We ate them for dessert, then ate them in the morning for breakfast, too!
— Gabriel
I thought everything looked and tasted great! I ended up taking the bark, the candy, and the cookies to the office, where they got snarfed up.
— Jill
Your cupcakes were a real hit with my relatives. I really appreciate you taking my order with such short notice. My dad loved that 85th cupcake! We will definitely keep you in mind for the next party!
— Ron and Kathi
Do you ship to Delaware? We can’t seem to live too long without the goodies you make!
— Jenny
Everything went great and your desserts were a giant hit!!
— Katie
So lucky to have Morsels Patisserie donate delicious cupcakes to the Chicago Fringe Festivals Annual Benefit.
— Bridget
Thank you for the yummy gifts for our teachers!
— The Curry's
We couldn’t have been happier with our delicious Morsels at the shower today!
— Kiersten
I bought your fleur de sel cookies today at the Evanston farmers market. They are TDF...not too sweet, deliciously chocolatey, nice hit of salt. Looking forward to continued sweetness!
— Jan
I purchased from you @ the Evanston’s Farmer’s Market today. DELICIOUS. I will be returning for more.
— Georgeana
Those were the best cookies I have ever tasted!!!
— Mary
Awesome! Everyone loved it. Your chocolate is amazing.
— Tammy
The pops are even better than I imagined. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to hand them out at the party!
— Debbie
We recently redeemed our certificate and truly loved your mini cupcakes. The adults loved the of salted brownie bites, which were incredible! My mouth is watering just from the memory.
— Meg
Everyone LOVED it! Everyone said how beautiful it was and it was DELICIOUS!!!
— Jennifer
Looked for you last Saturday after discovering the Fleur de Sel cookies the week before. Unbelievable!!
— Nancy
The cake was a hit! Not only was it beautiful, but also absolutely delicious.
— Sarah
I wanted to reach out to you right as I took my first bite! BIG HIT. with kids, with adults. Thank you!
— Meg
Hi - Had your amazing cookies today at Evanston farmers market! Love them!
— Debbie
I had to hide them so I don’t eat them all at once!
— Katie
Thank you so much for the cookies. It was so kind and thoughtful of you and everyone thoroughly enjoyed them. Of course you know which
ones went first!
— Susan
The cookies are delicious! Chocolate Fleur de Sels may be gone by the end of the night!
— Sophie
Thanks again for the cake! It was beautiful and delicious. Everybody loved it!
— Andrea
I have dreams about your cupcakes!
— Meghan
The cakes were absolutely delicious and such a big hit!! The consensus was that they were the best cakes people had ever eaten! Most people could not decide between the two flavors, so most of us had both. My petite sister-in-law had three pieces!! Thanks for helping to make the party such a hit.
— Andrea
I thought I was living life, them Morsels taught me I wasn’t living at all!
— Rana
I have hidden your cookies and have been enjoying one each day!
— Andrea
The cupcakes you made were a HIT! Everyone - hands down - said that they were the best cupcakes they have tasted...and it really made the birthday celebration a hit! Thank you so much for making them and for delivering them! MORSELS ROCKS!!!
— Jenny
Our office had some cookies in the kitchen today! Very tasty!
— Jonathan
Just shared the Chocolate Fleur de Sel Cookies with my daughter. Amazing chocolate and sea salt mix, great texture!
— Janet
Those were the best cookies I have ever tasted!!! Thanks.
— Mary
Looked for you last Saturday after discovering the Fleur de Sel cookies the week before. Unbelievable!!
— Nancy
You really do make the best cupcakes!
— Bridget
The cake was a hit! Not only was it beautiful, but also absolutely delicious.
— Sarah
Thank you!! It was beautiful and delicious!! Thank you so much!! We will enjoy it also on their birthday this Wednesday!!
— Eileen
It was great and the desserts were wonderful.
— Bona
Thanks again for the cake! It was beautiful and delicious. Everybody loved it and asked for your info, so your cards came in handy.
— Andrea
I purchased from you @ the Evanston’s Farmer’s Market today. DELICIOUS. I will be returning for more.
— Georgeana
I wanted to reach out to you right as I took my first bite! Yes, BIG HIT. with kids, with adults.
— Meg
OMG. I don’t think I could ever eat a dessert from anyone else. So unbelievable... Thank you so much.
— Sid
I have meant to e mail you on multiple occasions about the wonderful sweets that you provided for our holidays. The Bouche Noel and the Key Lime Pie were even better than I remembered them (and I remembered them as being delicious). The cookies are a favorite of mine, and I plan to order them every holiday for which you make them going forward. Decorating the gingerbread people was the highlight of my granddaughter’s Christmas. We spent hours Saturday afternoon and evening constructing make-believe families and stories as we decorated the gingerbread characters. It was a delightful way to enjoy time together and not be in the kitchen. Thank you as always for helping make the holiday eating so spectacular.
— Abbie
Everything was great! Luckily I ordered too many...I ate 2 cupcakes last night. :) Thanks again for the seamless ordering and delivery. I shared your name with parents who asked where the cupcakes were from.
— Robin
I shared one of the truffles with my friend at work. We both had the same look on our faces while eating one...
Pure pleasure!
— Jack
LOVE LOVE love your delicate chocolates. Thank you so much !
— Rebecca
OMG everyone loved the cake, so many people asked where it was from. It was delicious, even the waitstaff and owners asked where it was from. Thank you!
— Vicki
Your cake as usual received rave reviews. Looking forward to ordering our next cake in April!
— Jorge