Meet the Team

Chef Dawn Cibak

Julia Child once said, "A party without cake is just a meeting."  I have been excited and passionate about baking since my first Easy Bake Oven.  After graduating in 2005 from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, baking desserts became more than just creating something beautiful and delicious. When I bake desserts, the goal is to create memories that celebrate the sweet things in life. At Morsels, dessert is more than just a cookie, cupcake, or piece of’s a memorable moment and every bite delicious!


Jim Cibak

Brewmaster by day, Sous Chef by night...and my biggest supporter. My husband Jim assists in every aspect of the business. From labeling bags to scooping cookies and mixing colors for frosting to packaging cookies...Jim is always happy to help out wherever is needed. Jim also contributes to the research and development of new items by coming up with ideas, descriptions and especially the taste testing :). I definitely couldn't do any of this without him and am extremely appreciative of his love, enthusiasm and spirited support.