Charitable Giving

Supporting our city is important to us at Morsels Patisserie!

We would love to be able to help make sure your fundraiser or not-for-profit event is a smashing success. In order, for us to help you, you must thoroughly fill out the form below. The more information you include about your group, the easier it will be for us to make our decision.

You must complete and submit the form below 45 days prior to your event. You must be a 501(c)3 to take advantage of our donation program. We can offer gift certificates or free product, but will not give money.

We aim to support groups and activities whose interests are best mirrored by the Morsels spirit, so make sure to let us know specifically what your group does when you apply. We love to support groups involved in the arts and culture, civil rights, environment and organizations working for positive change in our neighborhoods.

We will occasionally have to decline a request if our production schedule does not allow for it.

Donation Request

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