Welcome to Morsels Patisserie

Morsels is Chicago's source for craft dessert catering specializing in a variety of artisanal cookies, cupcakes, cakes and tarts for all your memorable occasions. All our items are made fresh and specific for you and your event. Seasonal items are available throughout the year and every order is customized to make your dessert unique. Birthdays, Anniversaries, housewarmings, showers, or thank yous, Morsels desserts are a delicious treat for any celebration.

Morsels Patisserie started in 2007 at the Corte Madera farmers market in Marin County, California, specializing in chocolate fleur de sel cookies. With a group of loyal customers, Morsels grew fast and has since evolved into a full artisanal pastry menu including cupcakes, cakes, pies, tarts and other scrumptious treats. We are proud of Morsels’ growth, and we are confident our desserts are unlike anything else found in our new Chicago community.


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