Disheartened in Fellow Bakers

Expected to see Morsels at the Evanston Farmers Market this summer?

Unfortunately, Bennison's Bakery and Great Harvest are asking the City Manager to ban any bakers that are not Evanston residents, and that do not have brick and mortar stores in Evanston. This decision is against the current city ordinance that was passed in 2008 stating that the Farmer’s Market Manager can decide who is and isn’t allowed in the market.

To me, this is not what a farmers market is all about, and am ashamed of Bennison's and Great Harvest. Will this also start to set a precedent for all other categories at the market? Can you imagine only 1 vegetable vendor, and 1 fruit vendor? Also, why do they feel that they can ask this and still participate in Green City, Andersonville, and Glenwood's farmers markets? 

If you do not agree with this, I ask for your support by submitting a complaint by calling the City of Evanston at 847-448-4311 or contacting the City Manager, Wally Bobkiewicz, at 847-866-2936 or Your alderman would also be a great source to voice your support.

The Friends of the Farmers Market is supporting us 100% and board president, Vikki Proctor is also available to be reached at 847-894-3236 or for questions.

This not only affects Morsels, but 7 other bakers in the Chicagoland area. We hope that with all of your support this will be overturned! In the case that it is not, we feel privileged to have been a part of the Evanstons Farmers Market, and lucky to have gained so many great customers!